A new era has begun for the League of Jewish Women. Younger women, who find it difficult to attend meetings regularly, have formed LJWonline. This new type of group enables them to be part of the League by communicating with each other via Facebook.

The first group was formed in Loughton, Essex and, although they only began meeting in October 2015, they are going from strength to strength. They have a book club, meet socially and have begun to find volunteering opportunities for themselves. Some of the members don’t have time to volunteer at the moment as they have young families and work commitments, but they are keen to support others in their volunteering. The founding members were already League members, but the group has grown through spreading the word in their own social networks. If we want the League to continue well into the 21st Century, it is vital that we all spread the word about the volunteering work we undertake and by asking our younger family members to join us in any capacity they feel able. It reminds them that we offer interesting volunteering projects, social events, friendship and, of course, by becoming a member, they give us financial support – it costs as little as £12 a year.

If you use Facebook, look at LJWonline to see what they are doing in Essex. This can so easily be copied in any area or new members can link to Essex until there are sufficient members located near them to form their own group. Let us know if you want to start a group in your area – any area – and we will give you the necessary support.

The League of Jewish Women